Dear Participants of the Conference, 

The 4th International Scientific Conference, “Sustainable Bioeconomy Development 2024: Theory and Practice”, takes place online on May 8th, 2024.  

The upcoming conference is thoughtfully crafted to foster vibrant discussions and cooperative exploration. The conference is dedicated to social sciences in bioeconomy field. It will encompass a rich array of themes, including the role of policy and public investments in advancing bioeconomy research, the dynamics of consumer and producer behavior in the face of climate change, innovative business and regional models promoting a circular bioeconomy, and strategies to expedite bioeconomic growth through investment and financing decisions. This event will provide an influential platform for delving into innovative research findings, evolving policy landscapes, and industry trends shaping the trajectory of global bioeconomy. 

Present year’s conference will feature a dedicated forum addressing “Territorial Circular Systemic Solutions for Sustainable Bioeconomy Development” providing a platform for in-depth discussions and collaborative exploration of innovative strategies. 

We eagerly anticipate participants who bring diverse perspectives, fostering enriching discussions and collaborations, igniting innovative solutions for sustainable bioeconomic development. Our aim is to host a dynamic gathering of those nurtures learning, networking, and actionable insights, driving positive change in the bioeconomy landscape. 

We are excited and eagerly await your presence at the conference scheduled for May 8, 2024!” 

Warm regards, 

Representing the Organizing Committee of the International Scientific Conference on “Sustainable Bioeconomy Development”

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