Requirements for Presentations

Guidelines for Oral and Poster Presentations  

The time allocated for an oral presentation is 10 minutes, with a further 5 minutes allowed for discussion.

Poster presentations will be streamed during dedicated sessions, and on the day of the conference, they will be uploaded to the SBD website and publicly accessible for no longer than one month. 

Poster Design Guidelines 

Posters have to be prepared in portrait oriented paper list of A1 format (594×841 mm). 

The objective is to present the information clearly and simply in a visually appealing way.

  • Prepare a headline to reflect the research idea, include the authors and their affiliations (institution/organization) under the header for identification.
  • Please don ‘t overload the poster with too much of text and graphs.
  • Include illustrative graphs and diagrams as much as possible. Please avoid long textual passages, and present the methodology section in brief unless it is the main focus of presentation.
  • Use a large font size for your text, such as 24-point and arrange materials in columns rather than in rows to make your poster more reader-friendly.
  • Indicate the sequence of tables, figures or graphs with highlighted or colored numbers or letters.
  • Avoid using abbreviations, acronyms and/or jargon in your poster. Make sure the font is consistent throughout the poster.

You can use the template for poster preparation Click here.

Please submit your poster to 

Oral presentations and Posters should be prepared in English.