Scientific Committee


Lect. Dr. Besusparienė Erika, VMU

Field of research: family farm taxation issues, including environmental, property and income taxes. Another area of research is the practical applicability of green accounting in business. CRIS



Prof. Dr. Aleknevičienė Vilija, VMU, Head of the Research Institute for Bioeconomy

Field of research: risk-adjusted performance of companies and farms as well as decision modelling in financial markets. Another area of research is agricultural risk assessment and management as well as on the nature, potential and strategy of bioeconomy. CRIS


Prof. Dr. Atkočiūnienė Vilma, VMU

Field of research:rural development management, rural regional development, sustainable development of rural social infrastructure, local marketing and local food systems.The research is mostly focused on the analysis of social partnership, short food supply chain organization employing LEADER method.  CRIS


Prof. Dr. Miceikienė Astrida, VMU, Chancellor of Agriculture Academy at Vytautas Magnus University

Field of research: research on financial instruments for climate change managementthe impact of digitization on public financesthe taxation in agriculture. CRIS


Prof. Dr. Andra Zvirbule, LLU, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Social Development at Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies

Field of research: Regional and Rural Business Development, Urban Agriculture, Management Systems. She is a project leader in many International and National projects: Central Baltic Interreg projects; National Research Program Projects and EU founded projects.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Novikova Anastasija, VMU

Field of research: Economic valuation of agroecosystem servicesSocial risk management in agriculture. The research is mostly focused on the analysis of consumer preferences about agroecosystem services, employing stated preferences methods.  CRIS


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Popluga Dina, LLU, Vice dean in scientific and international affairs of the Faculty of Economics and Social Development at Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies

Field of research: sustainable territorial development possibilities, climate change, bioeconomy. She is a leading researcher in International and National projects covering such topics as the impact assessment of greenhouse gas emission reduction measures in Latvia, innovative economics’ development opportunities, agrarian sector entrepreneurship.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vaznonienė Gintarė, VMU

Field of research: subjective/objective wellbeing; green infrastructure / green spaces; short food supply chains; inclusion/integration and participation of social groups; quantitative research methods. CRIS


Dr. Anne Põder, EMU

Field of research: works as a researcher at the Institute of Economics and Social Sciences, Estonian University of Life Sciences. Main research interest: entrepreneurship and innovations in rural areas; rural development; entrepreneurship education; farm exits and structural change in agriculture and its impact on rural economy. ETIS